Taylor Weidman

Taylor Weidman


Taylor Weidman | Mongolia Photographer

Taylor is an American-born Mongolia photographer who has lived and worked in Asia for the last decade. His editorial assignments cover breaking news and features, while his self-driven work concentrates on intimatequirky, and overlooked stories. Clients include National GeographicThe Wall Street JournalBBCCNNAl JazeeraGEONature, and others. He is a regular assignment photographer for Getty Images and Bloomberg and his archives are represented by Redux Pictures.

Taylor’s work has covered a broad spectrum of commercial projects with commissions ranging from fashion to manufacturing to advertising. Clients include international NGO’s, fashion brands, airlines, and retailers.


About Mongolia

For millennia, pastoral herders have lived on the Mongolian steppe, moving with their livestock according to the seasons. It’s a land where eagle hunters and reindeer herders still continue their centuries old traditions.

Yet today, the country is changing rapidly. Some of the world’s largest reserves in coal, copper, and gold are creating huge opportunities for residents. The country is urbanizing rapidly with huge numbers of herders moving to the capital, Ulaan Baatar, leading to problems with pollution, poverty, and alcoholism. Meanwhile, in the countryside, desertification and climate change are threatening herders’ traditional way of life.

My photography work has taken me all over Asia, but I’ve been lucky to be able to concentrate much of my time and assignments working in Mongolia. While there, I’ve covered everything from reindeer herders and sumo wrestlers, to urbanization and ice festivals, and I look forward to continue learning about this fascinating country.

If you’re interested in coverage from the region, please don’t hesitate to contact me.