Taylor Weidman

Taylor Weidman


Mongolia Photographer

ERDENET, MONGOLIA: A man runs past the Friendship Monument, a vestige of the mining city’s Soviet past.
Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg

In 2011, I moved to Mongolia to pursue an in depth photo story about how urbanization, climate change, and modernization were affecting traditional nomads on the steppe. The story resulted in a series of articles and a book I co-authored with my wife, Nina Wegner.

Since that first year spent in Mongolia, I’ve traveled back to the country on nearly a dozen trips. Mongolia is a fascinating place and I’ve had the opportunity to cover everything from reindeer herders to ice festivals to the Mongolian Sumo wrestlers dominating the Japanese sport. I’ve also shot stories on difficult subjects like illegal mining, devastating winters that wipe out herders’ entire livelihoods, and nationalist movements that have appropriated neo-Nazi symbols.

As I continue my work in the country, I look forward to delving further into the country’s rich history and learning more about contemporary issues facing Mongolians today.

If you’re interested in coverage from Mongolia, please don’t hesitate to contact me.